Our Story - Brazen Brownies
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Brazen Brownies are designed, baked and packaged all by hand in Melbourne, Australia. The love child of Caroline Kropack and George Kalpakis, their mission is to spread their love of delicious brownies with the rest of Australia.

Caroline Kropack - Brownie Designer

Caroline Kropack

If you’ve ever tried a Brazen Brownie, you’d know they are the most delicious brownies you will eat in Melbourne. But did you know these mouth-watering, moist, super yummy brownies are made by a lawyer?!

Yes, seriously, a lawyer with over 25 years’ experience in her own established commercial law practice. So how does a legal eagle become a brownie designer?

Although she was born in the USA, Caroline now proudly calls Australia home. Her love of travelling and food led her to undertake culinary studies in both Australia and Europe.

Cementing her love for cooking food that puts a smile on people’s faces, Caroline knew her true passion was in the food industry.

Just like Caroline, Brazen Brownies is cheeky and fun. The brownie is no longer an old- fashioned, run of the mill chocolate sweet. It is a new-age, eye catching brownie bursting with flavour – so irresistible, people can’t stop at one bite. You really can’t resist them – no matter how hard you might try.

George Kalpakis

George wants to live in a world filled with building relationships, local community involvement and plentiful beach holidays complete with scrumptious brownie eating.

As a marketing and public relations manager with more than 25 years’ experience in professional services, George has worked with many high class corporates including AMP, GE/CSC and ANZ. Some would say it’s his passion. It’s a passion that has been built on many years of engagement and an in depth understanding of the business world.

After years of hard work and high stress levels, it’s no wonder George now takes solace in running his own marketing and finance business, Two Doors Down.

But when he’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find George, in a pretty apron, crunching brownies alongside his beautiful partner Caroline. Brought together by their love of fine food and delectable desserts, George and Caroline created Brazen Brownies. And if you’ve never tasted one of these brownies, you’re missing out on something amazing. They are the most daringly delicious, cheeky brownies you’ll find in Melbourne.

George Kalpakis - Brownie Ambassador